On Easter Sunday, Danny woke up and went running downstairs in his boxers. When he got there he had no presents only one little chocolate rabbit. Danny went into his mum’s room and said “why haven’t I got any presents?” His mum replied “The chocolate rabbit is very special because it can change shapes and come alive!” Danny was speechless! He ran downstairs and the rabbit was dancing and singing loudly. An hour later, the rabbit had fell asleep right in the sun. When Danny had got home after cricket training the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun! The rabbit now was a big circle of melted chocolate!

2 thoughts on “Thomas

  1. Hi Thomas, this is a very imaginative and enjoyable 100wc piece, and I’m curious to know whether this special rabbit can change shape and come alive again after emlting to a puddle. I think you need to say “had fallen asleep” not “had fell asleep”.

  2. Well done Thomas. This is a lively and well thought out piece of writing. I like the part where the rabbit was dancing and the idea that he melted through carelessness. Take care with your tense (fallen not fell). Thank you for joining the 100WC.

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