Only a minute ago a boy was running to the park but he tripped over a rock and hurt himself really badly. He didn’t expect anyone to come. Suddenly he saw an ambulance so he ran to it the doctor asked “how can I help you?” The boy said” I think have broken my leg” The doctor said ”I will need to see your mum or dad.” The boy sighed “I don’t have any they both left me when I was a baby. The doctor almost cried. When they where nearly there the doctor asked “what is your name?” The boy said “Xander.” The boy didn’t brake his leg. The doctor became xanders dad.

One thought on “Xander

  1. Xander, this is a interesting 100 Word Challenge entry and one which I enjoyed reading. You’ve written in clear sentences, used speech marks for the dialogue and used some good vocabulary. Your short sentence – The doctor nearly cried – is really powerful because it shows the impact of Xander’s sad news. I’m really glad that your story had a happy ending.
    Keep entering the 100 Word Challenge.

    Mrs Stones (Team 100WC)

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