“Well at last Moby, we found it.” A fabulous sword to help us to cut down the trees in the woods to find the diamond for the Queen. “I’ll put it in my back pack, so it doesn’t get dirty and doesn’t get mud on it” said Tim. “Then it will not work, then we can’t get a leopard from the queen,” said Tim. Moby said,” I want that Leopard from the Queen!” They set off and when they found the diamond they went back to the castle to find the Queen to give the diamond to her and then they got the soft and cuddly Leopard from the Queen.

One thought on “Zoe

  1. A fantastic story, Zoe!
    I didn’t expect the leopard to be soft and cuddly.
    Do you use the word “leopard” as a name or as a noun? You decide. You need to pay attention to the spelling, since names have capital letters, and titles, such as “the Queen”.
    Keep up the great work, Zoe!
    Kind regards,

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