In a far away country there was a cat called Gollom and a dog called Wolfie. Gollom asked Wolfie, “How can I help you?” Wolfie wisperd,” Do you want to be my friend?” Then Gollom and Wolfie went on a seaside holiday in a tent together but they slept in separate bedrooms. Then every morning they spent all morning together. When Gollom was a sleep, Wolfie went to the nightclub and found a lost kitten and its name is Kitty. Then Wolfie took Kitty back to the tent where Gollom was fast a sleep. Suddenly Gollom woke up and said “Who have you got with you Wolfie?”

One thought on “Zoe

  1. Well done, Zoe!
    This is a wonderful text about friendship between different “people”. In enjoyed reading it.
    Keep up the great work!
    Kind regards,

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