One summers day when it was raining me and Thomas were going to do cross country we were extremely nervous. The teacher said “GO”! Danny was in first but then me and Thomas where in first and second. Danny was astonished it was the end of the race and Thomas won and I came second I went home for dinner and we were just sitting down for dinner when my cat brought a mouse in then put it in the cat bole. Then I went to another race and I quickly ran… I came first Thomas came second I was scared about the next race It was going to be the hardest race of them all

One thought on “Daniel

  1. Daniel,
    It’s tough running against a mate, isn’t it? You have a good beginning, middle, and ending. Be mindful of where periods go in complete sentences, ok? Keep writing for the 100WC! (English Teacher, Ocean City, NJ, USA)

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