One charismas day my mother was cooking dinner for all my family were coming round for charismas dinner. One of my cousins wonted me to play with her so we played hid and seek. We were just sitting down for dinner when  I heard a knock at the door. A very big giant came in to the room. The giant was called Bob he tried to take my me and my cousin Emily away. He took us to his house he did not give us any food we really mist our family. Bob put us in a gigantic cage and then Emily found the key we went for tea.

2 thoughts on “Rosie

  1. What a great story, Rosie!
    You built it around the prompt, which is a great idea. I am happy about the good ending!
    I would like to recommend that you read the text aloud before you post it. This way, you will have the chance to discover some of your spelling mistakes. What do you think of this idea?
    Keep up the great work, Rosie!
    Kind regards,

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